What's my iPhone, iPad, or Cell Phone really worth?

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Interested in learning what your iPhone, iPad, or cell phone is worth? Feel free to use our selling resources to get a realistic value of your device. We'll show you where to look for cell phone values and which is best for you, as well as our opinions about the best place to sell your iPhone or cell phone.

The Truth About Selling Your iPhone Online

CompanyOur OpinionMax iPhone Payout
uSell iPhone Worth

uSell.com is simply a cell phone buyback company comparison site.  They do provide systems for the companies on their site, such as prepaid labels and order status, but all in all just provide the user with company reviews and a comparison of offers to buy cell phones and iPhones. uSell.com spends money on TV ads and other advertising, so they charge high fees to the companies on their site as commissions.  You'll notice many offer prices for cell phones and iPhones will be lower on uSell than on the particular buyback company's website as they will have to pay a heavy commission to uSell.  That being said, by selling your iPhone or cell phone through uSell, you do have the protection that uSell will back you up in case something goes wrong.

Sell iPhone Nextworth NextWorth is a highly reliable consumer electronics buyback company that has been around for many years.  If you sell your iPhone or cell phone to NextWorth, you will certainly not be scammed, BUT you will receive less money than other competitors, generally.  NextWorth generates substantial business through corporate partnerships like Target.  When you sell your iPhone or cell phone to Target, it is actually going to NextWorth.  Because they focus highly on corporate partnerships, they are less retail focussed. $237
Sell iPhone Technollo Technollo isn't the oldest cell phone buyback company, but it has certainly been around for a while.  They have had great reviews on the Internet and offer competitive values for your iPhones and cell phones.  If you're looking for a reliable company to buy your iPhone or cell phone and would like fair value, check out Technollo.com. $315
Sell iPhone Gazelle If you're looking for the absolute safest and easiest way to sell your iPhone or cell phone, use Gazelle.  They have been in the game the longest and are retail focussed.  However, keep in mind that because they have successfully branded themselves as the go-to cell phone buyback company, Gazelle can get away with paying less money for your iPhone or cell phone. $335
Click Here If you want the most money for your iPhone or cell phone, sell it on eBay.  However, selling on eBay comes with risks and headaches.  You'll have to list your device specifically and decide on how to price it.  Once it sells, you run the risk of dealing with a buyer who could run a scam on you, file disputes in PayPal, or leave you negative feedback on your eBay account for no reason.  eBay does have some protections for the buyer, but still runs a risk for selling your valuable iPhone or cell phone. $630+
Craigslist Craigslist can be the riskiest way to sell your iPhone or cell phone.  Crime has been heavily associated with Craigslist dealings over the years.  However, Craigslist does provide you with a way to get instant cash for your iPhone or cell phone on the spot.  If you need money fast, Craigslist is your bet, but be careful! $500

When selling your iPhone, it is important to fully research the different avenues to sell and the different aspects of each.  Make sure you know what your iPhone is worth on each website, look at the time it takes to sell your iPhone, see how long it will take to get the cash for your iPhone, and most importantly, the feedback for that company or iPhone buyer.  Just because you may get a little more cash from one place, doesn't mean it's necessarily the best option to sell your iPhone or find out what it is truly worth.

Last Modified on 6/7/2014