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Packed with Siri, 4G LTE data speeds, and a sleek new design, the iPhone 5 is an excellent addition to Apple's iPhone saga.  It includes many new features including a better camera with full HD video recording, bigger Retina LCD screen, faster internals, and more.  If you're one who always needs the "best of the best", we suggest you buy our used iPhone 5s.  Don't need the latest and greatest but want something still up-to-date?  This iPhone 5 is for you.  Want something cheaper? Then check out the more affordable iPhone 4S. Also see our iPhone 5c.

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Rest assured, when you purchase an Apple iPhone 5 from us, it has been extensively tested and wiped to factory settings by our professionally trained team. All Apple iPhone 5's are ready to be activated and used right away, hassle-free! Don't get burned buying a used Apple iPhone 5 from other random internet sellers and online auctions, and relieve the stress and danger of meeting strangers in parking lots. All in all, stay safe, remove the hassle, buy from us. Feel free to check out what others are saying!

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