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Why Used Cell Phones Are So Expensive

We are always asked why used cell phones, like Apple's iPhone, are so expensive, so we figured we'd write a post to shed some light on this situation.

To give an example, Sprint will give you a FREE Samsung Galaxy S IIIwith a new contract.  Yet to buy a used Galaxy S3, it would cost you $250-$350.  Sprint will also give you a brand new Apple iPhone 5 for only $99with a new contract of course. Good luck buying a used iPhone 5 for $99.

So what's the catch?


Carriers make so much money off your monthly bill, they're more than happy to buy you, or subsidize, your next iPhone or cell phone to get you tied in to a new contract. To buy a brand new iPhone without a contract, you better be ready to shell out around $600.  Some carriers refuse to subsidize phones, as phones just cost too much. Many of your prepaid or cheaper carriers like Boost Mobileand Virgin Mobile will cost you a little more for a phone, but cheaper in the long run.

Of course if you still want to use a more popular carrier with bigger, stronger networks but don't want to sign another pesky contract, Gadget Chest is the place to buy your next contract-free used Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or other cell phone for a decent and fair price.

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