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  • Extensively Tested to be Fully Functional
  • Includes Samsung Charger and Cable
  • Good Cosmetic Condition with only minor signs of wear from normal use
  • Clean ESN/IMEI and ready to activate with designated carrier.

Buy a quality used Samsung Galaxy S4 for a good price and no contract from Gadget Chest. We sell cheap pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S4 for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and more. Each cell phone is tested individually to ensure its quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with 16GB or 32GB of memory, but extendable with aftermarket memory cards. Want to buy a nice used Samsung Galaxy cell phone, but don't need the latest and greatest? This Samsung Galaxy S4 is for you. Want something newer? You can buy the newer generation, Galaxy S5 here.

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Rest assured, when you purchase an Samsung Galaxy S4 from us, it has been extensively tested and wiped to factory settings by our professionally trained team. All Samsung Galaxy S4's are ready to be activated and used right away, hassle-free! Don't get burned buying a used Samsung Galaxy S4 from other random internet sellers and online auctions, and relieve the stress and danger of meeting strangers in parking lots. All in all, stay safe, remove the hassle, buy from us. Feel free to check out what others are saying!

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